This post has been circulating my Facebook newsfeed for the last few hours. I watched it. It has over 2 million views already.

And it was really cute. Totally made me “aww”—but it also made me think. So many women watched it, shared it, commented on posts related to it—all in agreement that what this man slurred in his speech was the cutest thing they’d ever heard. And do you know what that truly means, if you really think about it? That it’s true. Women need love, praise and admiration. And they don’t need to be loved silently. They need to be told. It’s so simple. This man barely took two minutes to say what he said. In these two minutes, he didn’t buy her a car, a mansion, pretty diamonds, or a fancy dress. He felt sincere gratitude to have her in his life—and then he told her.

Yasmin Mogahed has talked about this multiple times—the need for a woman to be shown love. Yet, a simple thing like this is deprived from most women and people really have absolutely no idea how much it can hurt. Remember, a big part of love is loving someone the way they want to be loved. And the second you think that you are giving “enough”—that’s when you need to give more. Because that love, my friend, is selfish.



When we fall or hurt ourselves, our body automatically lets us know we’re in pain. It does this so we can take action against it, and do something about what has happened to us. Relate the same to emotional, unseen pain. Take the pain as a warning signal, allow it to help you take action and make you more vigilant than ever. Pain is completely purposeless if it does not make us stronger, for that is exactly why it exists. Pain is an opportunity.